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BinFresh Air Freshener

BinFresh Refills are available in packs of four.

BinFresh Air Freshener
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BinFresh Air Fresheners Citrus Fragrance

Bin Fresh is an air freshener specially for wheelie, pedal, swing and flip-top refuse bins.

Available in 'citrus' scent, with other scents under development.

BinFresh air freshener pack

A pack of Bin Fresh contains two air fresheners, each sealed in a plastic pouch, for fitting into the supplied plastic holder.

You stick the holder to the inside of the bin's lid with the double-sided tape included in the pack, or with Blu-Tack® (not supplied).

A sealed Bin Fresh can be stored for up to one year. Depending on conditions, a Bin Fresh should provide scent for up to six weeks.

Holders can be supplied in any colour subject to quantity.

BinFresh air freshener holders in any colour

A standard BinFresh pack comes with a white holder. However we can supply holders in any colour you specify, to special order.

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