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Wardrobe Fresh Air Freshener
Wardrobe Fresh Air Fresheners Floral Scented

Wardrobe Fresh is an air freshener for use in wardrobes and cupboards where its small size is more appropriate than a room air freshener such as Home Fresh. Wardrobe Fresh is available in 'floral' scent, with additional scents under development.

Each air-freshener holder is rectangular and has an integral hook for hanging it from a rail. Wardrobe Fresh air freshener packA pack of Wardrobe Fresh contains two air fresheners, each sealed in a plastic pouch. The air freshener contained in the holder can be blue, light green, white or yellow.

A sealed Wardrobe Fresh can be stored for up to one year, and, depending on conditions, a Wardrobe Fresh should provide scent for up to four weeks.

Holder can be supplied in any colour subject to quantity.

Wardrobe Fresh air freshener holders in any colour

A standard Wardrobe Fresh pack comes with a white holder and hook. However we can supply holders and hooks in any colour you specify, to special order.

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